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§ 1 General provisions

  1. User by using this site accept his regulations.
  2. reserves the right to change regulations without giving a reason.
  3. Any unusual actions (hack attempts, DDoS etc) are forbidden.
  4. is not responsible of content provided by users.
  5. Any errors in the site functioning should be reported to admin of the site. E-mail address is available in "Contact" subpage.
  6. User is obliged to observe rules of netiquette and rules of good morals.

§ 2 Registration

  1. Registration is free.
  2. To register You must use registration form.
  3. New account have to activate by entering url which is in e-mail message sent to Your e-mail address given during the registration.
  4. Registered user has access to full site functionality.
  5. Multi accounts are forbidden.


  1. Any registered user can send comments.
  2. Forbidden is sending comments with content:
    1. offensive or vulgar,
    2. brutal,
    3. racist,
    4. pornographic,
    5. associated with warez.

§ 4 Donations

  1. Any user can voluntarily give a donation.
  2. In exchange for the donation you get specified amount of virtual premium points.
  3. User can exchange premium points for bonuses e.g. server banner.

§ 5 Servers

  1. Any registered user can add his server to list.
  2. Any attempt of falsify the number of players, etc. will be rewarded with a permanent server ban.
  3. Server ban includes IP address and port.
  4. For each server is one registry in the list, duplicates will be removed.
  5. Forbidden is setting server description with content:
    1. offensive or vulgar,
    2. brutal,
    3. racist,
    4. pornographic,
    5. associated with warez.
  6. Forbidden is setting server WWW site relating to site:
    1. other minecraft server list,
    2. pornographic,
    3. associated with warez.
  7. If your server is already on the list, but it isn't added by You (admin of server), available is server transfer to other account, filling server transfer form, which is in "Add server" subpage and on subpage of server.

§ 6 Server banner

  1. Banner can add users with specific amount of premium points for specified time.
  2. To add the banner, it must meet the following conditions:
    1. size 130x130 px,
    2. format PNG,
    3. weight no more than 60kb.
  3. Forbidden is adding banner with content:
    1. advertises other minecraft server list,
    2. offensive or vulgar,
    3. brutal,
    4. racist,
    5. pornographic,
    6. associated with warez.
  4. If you break the rules, the banner will be removed without return points.